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Housing Consultation Services helps a person who has Medical Assistance to develop a housing focused person-centered plan that addresses their needs, wants, and goals as well as assisting a person to make informed choices in their housing transition or sustaining services provider

During Housing Stabilization Services Consultation stage, Ability Care Services consultant will perform a consultation to predetermine eligibility by verifying qualifications. Information such as applicant age, insurance information, housing status and documents verifying proof of disability and assessment to determine if a person is homeless or at immediate risk of homelessness will be looked at.
According to the DHS, housing instability is evidenced by the following:

  • Homeless
  • Currently transitioning, or has recently transitioned, from an institution
  • At risk of homelessness, an individual or family is at risk of homelessness when:
  • At risk of institutionalization.

A consultation is done by either of the following:

All documents of proof of need of HSS will be submitted to Ability Care Services together with your referral form.

After housing consultation, all documents will be submitted to the DHS for eligibility. If the applicant is approved, the DHS will send approval letter to both the applicant and the transition and sustaining agency of applicant’s choice at the time of consultation. At this point Housing Stabilization Services Transition and Sustaining will follow.